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My Picture Book Critique Service

Picture books look easy, but they are difficult to write. With around 500 words you have to develop a story arc, create a relatable main character, entertain your audience, and use stellar writing technique. If you want to take your manuscript to the next level, let me help.


Why you can trust me to provide a quality critique:


  • I am a published picture book author and have been published in other genres as well—educational resources, inspirational books, and magazine articles to name a few.


  • I critique over 400 picture book manuscripts a year.


  • I have taught creative writing for many years. I approach a critique as an opportunity to teach and coach, as well as identifying strengths and weaknesses.




What you receive in a critique:


  • I begin by reading and making extensive margin notes on your manuscript. These first-impression notes are the kinds of things that often cause an agent and/or editor to pass on a manuscript or to keep reading.

  • From my reading, I develop an overall list of what’s working in your manuscript—the things to expand on and to celebrate.

  • Then I create a list of the things that aren’t working yet—areas that require attention and improvement. (My margin notes will give you guidance in how to actually begin to do what needs to be done.)

  • I end the critique with suggestions for next steps.

My fees


For fiction picture book manuscripts, I charge $250.00 for a comprehensive critique with margin notes of manuscript of 800 words or less. An additional fee of $10.00 is charged for every page (or portion of a page) exceeding 800 words.


For nonfiction, I charge $250.00 for a comprehensive critique with margin notes of a picture book manuscript of 1200 words or less. An additional fee of $10.00 is charged for every page (or portion of a page) exceeding 1200 words. If back matter in a nonfiction picture book causes the manuscript to exceed 1000 words, the author may choose to have it critiqued for the additional fee mentioned above or opt to not have the back matter critiqued.

Follow-up critiques after revision are available at a reduced rate. Please ask for details.


Note: A manuscript should be sent as an attachment and be sent as a Word document, double-spaced, 12-point type, and have one-inch margins on all sides.


My goal is to complete critiques and return them in a timely manner, please email me for availability. Send emails to



"I just wanted to tell you how amazing your feedback was on my manuscript! I am always looking to take my work to the next level, and your comments helped me immensely. You are an incredible teacher and human."

Julie Hedlund, Author and Founder of 12x12


“[My book] went out into the world a few weeks ago . . . I got an offer the first day . . . The class and your feedback in particular got the book to a much higher level. Thank you for sharing your expertise and helping me get to the book I wanted to write!

—Michaela MacColl, Student


“Your class was a turning point for me in my writing. You are such a gifted, generous and kind teacher, who really made me see structure, scene, and pacing. When I took your class things finally began to click for me as a writer. Yesterday, Publisher's Weekly announced the publication of my upcoming Picture Book Biography which was first drafted under your guidance.”

—Sara Andrea Fajardo, Student

Author of: Paka Paka con la Papa: Alberto Salas Plays Potato Hide-and-Seek

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