What you receive in a critique:


  • I begin with an overall list of the things I love about your manuscript and your writing.


  • I address the areas of the manuscript that require attention and improvement.


  • I analyze the writing in the following categories: character development, plot/structure, language/diction, voice, and marketability, giving specific feedback about the issues in each category.


  • I offer next-step suggestions to get you moving forward with your manuscript.


Why you can trust me to provide a quality critique:


  • I am a published picture book author and have been published in other genres as well—educational resources, inspirational books, and magazine articles to name a few.


  • I critique over two hundred picture book manuscripts a year.


  • I have taught creative writing for many years. I approach a critique as an opportunity to teach and coach, as well as identifying strengths and weaknesses.


  • I spend weekdays with kids--so I have a good sense of what they read and what they love.



My Picture Book Critique Service

Picture books look easy, but they are difficult to write. With around 500 words you have to develop a story arc, create a relatable main character, entertain your audience, and use stellar writing technique. If you want to take your manuscript to the next level, let me help.


My fees


I charge $150.00 for a comprehensive critique and $225.00 for a comprehensive critique with line edits of a picture book manuscript of 800 words or less. An additional fee of $10.00 is charged for every page (or portion of a page) exceeding 800 words.


Follow-up critiques after revision are available at a reduced rate. Please ask for details.



Manuscripts should be double-spaced, 12-point type, and have one-inch margins on all sides.


My goal is to complete critiques and return them in a timely manner, please email me for availability. 


Send emails to rob@robsanderswrites.com.




Rob Sanders’ feedback is insightful and deep. His comments challenge you to look at your work from a different perspective and his questions push you to make your story the best it can be. The best part about Rob is that at the same time he’s giving you constructive, critical feedback, you know he’s doing it from a positive place, with love and respect. It’s evident he has a passion for writing and deeply cares about the people he’s working with. He has a way of instantly connecting with you and his genuineness and expertise come pouring through his thoughts and feedback.


—Jimmy Vee

Author, Entrepreneur, CEO

Orlando, Florida


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