Stitch by Stitch

Stitch by Stitch: Cleve Jones and

the Aids Memorial Quilt


By Rob Sanders

Illustrated by Jamey Christoph

Magination Press

ISBN 10: 1433837390

ISBN 13: 978-1433837395

Release Date: October 12, 2021


“In words and pictures, this book captures the essence of how the AIDS Memorial Quilt came to be. It not only portrays some of the most important milestones of my life, it also tells an important slice of LGBTQ+ history, and contains an inspiring message for activists of all ages.”

—Cleve Jones







From the blanket that his great-grandmother made for him as a boy, to the friends he gathered together in San Francisco as a young man, to the idea for a monument sewn of fabric and thread, Cleve Jones’ extraordinary life seems to have been stitched together bit by bit, piece by piece.

Mentored by Harvey Milk, Jones first had the vision for what became the AIDS Memorial Quilt during a candlelight memorial for Milk in 1985. Along with friends, Cleve created the first panels for the quilt in 1987. The AIDS Memorial Quilt grew to be one of the largest public arts projects ever and helped grow awareness of HIV and AIDS. The Quilt is an iconic symbol of hope and remembrance and is Jones' shining achievement. It has since toured the world and been seen by millions.

This evocative biography is a touching tribute to Jones' life of advocacy, the positive effects of a community working towards a common goal, and an inspiring story for young readers.


Portions of the proceeds of this book will be given to the National Aids Memorial.