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for everyone!

Cowboy Cookin' with Cookie

Cowboys are usually a hungry bunch, so camp cooks are usually a busy bunch. Here are some simple cowboy recipes you can try at home to feed a hungry herd of buckaroos!



Sweet Cookin' with Cookie

What cowpoke doesn't like sweets? Use these recipes to serve up some tasty treats!



Cowboy Writin'

Cowboys love tellin' stories around the campfire. This activity will help you write the perfect first sentence of a cowboy story. Then you'll be ready to tell the rest of your story around a campfire, too!



Out-of-this-World Outer Space Snacks

Everyone needs a little treat when enjoying a favorite book. Use these recipes for bedtime snacks, tasty party treats, or to feed hungry aliens!


Finger Plays, Songs, and Poems

Continue the fun of Outer Space Bedtime Race with poems to read alone or with others, fun songs for little stars to sing, and a finger play sure to make new memories for everyone. Not only are these activities fun, they also help kids learn!


Galactic Word Search

Kids of all ages love a word search! This one will help kids find the names of the planets and other space-y words and phrases.


Planet Concentration


Basic Version

These reproducible cards allow you to make a set of concentration cards to help kids learn and match the names of the planets, sun, and wee Pluto. Fun for a single player, a small group, or teams.


Challenge Version

Use these reproducible cards to make a concentration game that leads kids to match names and descriptions of the planets, the Sun, and little ole Pluto. Based on the “Sleepy Bedtime Planet Factoids” at the end of Outer Space Bedtime Race, this game may be played by a single player, a small group, or teams.

Out-of-this-world snacks! 

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