School and Library Visits


(Full or Half Days)


I enjoy visiting schools to read my books, tell the stories behind the books, talk about the writing process, discuss how a book is published, answer questions, and get kids excited about writing. I always tuck additional learning and fun related to each of my books into the presentation, too. I am glad to visit individual classes, a grade level, or the entire school. I will gladly customize my visit to the needs of your students and/or school. If distance is a problem, Skype visits are also available.


(90-minutes each, up to 40 students)

Possible topics:

  • Where Do Writers Get Their Ideas? (Grades K-5)

  • Sketch-Plan-Write-Read (Grades K-1)

  • Read Like a Writer and Write Like One, Too! (Grades K-5)

  • Freytag’s Pyramid—How to Plan for Fiction Writing (Grades 2-5)

  • Embedding Writing Craft in Non-fiction Writing (Grades 2-5)

  • Revising My Writing (Grades 2-5)

  • Creating and Using a Writer’s Notebook (Grades 2-5)

Note: I’m happy to customize topics to the needs of your students.


(3 hours each)
Possible topics:

  • Building a Writer’s Workshop in Your Classroom

  • Elaboration—Top 10 Chart Busters!

  • Re-think It! Re-dream It! Re-vise It!

  • Motivating Reluctant Writers

  • Writing Crafts at Your Fingertips

  • Conferencing with Young Writers

  • Publishing Student Writing

  • Embedding Writing Craft in Non-fiction Writing

Note: I’m happy to customize topics to meet the needs of your faculty.



Rob Sanders not only taught our students about writing, he inspired them to write. His practical, hands-on instruction engaged our students, helped them see a professional writer in action, and gave them a chance to write like pros, too.


—Sharon Waite, Principal

Lockhart Elementary School

Tampa, Florida



Please email me for availability and a price quote.


MS51 autographing.png
MS51 crowd.png

Rob visiting with the GLAM (Gay, Lesbian, and More) club at MS-51 in Brooklyn, NY.