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Writing can be a lonely journey. At times you need someone to talk with and work through issues with, and someone with success and experience who can provide encouragement and practical advice. That’s why I’m now offering Single Session Consultation meetings. Each session is a one-hour Zoom meeting.


Whether you’re starting your writing journey, have been writing for a few years but are pre-published, or are a published author, you may need the opportunity to discuss your writing, your next steps, your goals, and the obstacles you are encountering. This is your session, so before the session, I’ll send you a questionnaire to get to know you better and to allow you to identify what you’d like to accomplish during the session. The possibilities for the session are endless, but might include:

  • Generating solutions to immediate needs in your writing journey

  • Discussing a critique I’ve recently completed for you

  • Strategic planning based on feedback from an agent and/or editor

  • Heightening your curiosity and creativity

  • Long-range and short-term goal setting

  • Productivity and time management

  • Practical advice for maximizing your strengths

  • Practical advice for addressing your challenges

  • Recommendations for ongoing professional development

  • Guidance for navigating the publishing industry

  • Working with an agent

  • And more!


Availability: Please email to check on availability.


Single Session Consultation: $150.00

(NOTE: The Single Session Consultation fee is due before the session.)


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