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The Story of Albert D.J. Cashier, Transgender Civil War Soldier

By Rob Sanders

Illustrated by Nabi H. Ali

ISBN-10: 1499809360

ISBN-13: 978-1499809367

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Awards & Recognition

  • 2022 Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People

  • ALA 2021 Rainbow Book List




"Albert D. J. Cashier's story is well served by Sanders’ telling of it, written primarily in short, declarative, well-crafted sentences. Ali’s soft-colored illustrations—in both full-page and vignette pictures—capture the spirit and tone of what is a remarkable story."





This beautifully written and timely story shows a transgender soldier's personal bravery as he faced daring challenges on the battlefield and privately battled the restrictions and confines of gender.

By the time she arrived in Belvidere, Illinois, and started working as a farmhand, Jennie had a new name and a new identity . . .

Albert D. J. Cashier.

In 1861, the winds of war blew through the United States. Jennie Hodgers, a young immigrant from Ireland, moved west to Illinois and soon had a new name and a new identity—Albert D. J. Cashier. Like many other young men, Albert joined the Union Army. Though the smallest soldier in his company, Albert served for nearly three years and fought in forty battles and skirmishes. When the war ended, Albert continued to live his life as a man. His identity fit him as snug as his suspenders.

Decades later, a reporter caught wind of the news that an old man in the Soldiers' and Sailors' Home was actually a woman. The news swept through the country. What would happen to Albert and his military pension? Would he be allowed to continue to live as he wished? How would his friends, fellow soldiers, and others in the community react?

This book is published in partnership with GLAAD to accelerate LGBTQ inclusivity and acceptance.

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