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Cowboy Christmas by Rob Sanders



Saddle up, Santa. The warmhearted and goofy story hits all the right notes for a hearty Yuletide warble, and Manders [illustrator] supplies cutesy cows, push-broom mustaches, and ten-gallon hats with happy aplomb. This double-threat book has got both your holiday-season and home-on-the-range needs covered.

Booklist Aug. 2012


Sharp-eyed, older readers will note the Santa hat tucked in Cookie’s back pocket when he returns to camp as well as the identical boots worn by Cookie and Santa, but younger children will believe that Santa delivers to cowpokes out on the range as well as to little girls and boys. Cartoon-style art, lots of cowboy lingo and the funny attempts at holiday decoration and baking add humor to the overall effort.


Young buckeroos who like their Christmas stories punchy rather than sweet might just take a likin’ to ol’ Dwight, Darryl and Dub.

Kirkus Sept. 2012

Cowboy Christmas


By Rob Sanders

Illustrated by John Manders

ISBN: 978-0375869853

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Three weathered cowboys—Dwight, Darryl, and Dub—are stuck out on the range at Christmastime, roping steers and wrestling longhorns. They sure are lonesome! But a wonderful surprise awaits them back at camp—and it's just what they need for a rip-roarin', merry-makin' cowboy Christmas.

Fun with










The photo to the left is from Christmas 1959. I have no idea why we're wearing matching cowboy clothes for Christmas. (After all, we lived smack-dab in the middle of the Midwest.) Could this be where the idea for Cowboy Christmas originated?


(L to R: brother Butch, sister Pat, cousin Kem, me)

Cowboy Christmas by Rob Sanders illustrated by John Manders
Rob Sanders Cowboy Christmas
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