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You may be at a place in your writing journey where one-on-one time and attention is needed. That’s why I’ve begun offering a Coaching Cycle. The Cycle includes three 45-minute Zoom sessions and two critiques. Since I am a teacher by nature (and by training), have years of writing experience, and because I take a positive approach to problem solving, the Coaching Cycle is meant to be a constructive, upbeat, productive experience for you. The Coaching Cycle is tailored to your specific needs. Below is an outline of one Coaching Cycle possibility.


Pre-Meeting Questionnaire

I will send you a questionnaire to complete and return to me before our first Zoom meeting. Your answers will help me get to know you a bit better and allows us to streamline and focus our conversation during the Zoom meeting. 


Zoom Session 1

We will discuss your writing goals, your current manuscript, other works-in-progress, your struggles and successes, and other issues that you want to know about—the writing business, working with an agent, submitting, and so on. I will offer suggestions for ways to clearly establish goals, encourage you as you take next steps to accomplish your goals, will offer suggestions for growing and developing as a writer, and more. Finally, we will focus on your manuscript to be critiqued. The Zoom session belongs to you. So, we will talk about what’s important to you and you can ask as many questions as you wish.


First Critique

After the Zoom meeting, you’ll submit your manuscript if you have not done so already. You will follow the word count and formatting guidelines outlined in the CRITIQUE section of my website. I will critique your manuscript as described on that page and will email the critique back to you. The critique will include extensive line notes, detailed information about what’s working and not working with the manuscript, and next-step suggestions.


Zoom Session 2

This is your opportunity to discuss your critique. I will share my thoughts and insights and you can ask clarifying questions to help you prepare for revision. We will have the ability to view the critique on the screen, so we will have the ability to go line-by-line to discuss issues. Often, I provide mentor text suggestions, share examples from my own writing, and recommend resources to help you learn and grow as needed during this session. Again, no question will be off the table. We will conclude by discussing what you will submit for Critique 2.


Critique 2*

This critique usually follows the revision of the original manuscript. Since the length of time it takes to revise varies, this critique will be scheduled when you are ready and as my schedule allows. This second critique often gives you help polishing and perfecting your manuscript and getting it closer to being submission ready. Once again, you will receive extensive line notes, information about what’s working and not working with the manuscript, and next-step suggestions.


*NOTE: Some writers prefer to have a different manuscript critiqued at this time.


Zoom Session 3

Again, the focus of the session is on the critique you received. In addition to all the possibilities outlined in Zoom Session 2, we can also talk about submission details, submitting to an agent versus an editor, cover and query letters, writing a pitch for your manuscript, and more. My goal is to prepare you to take the next steps in your writing journey. We will conclude by discussing your writing goals as you move forward. (If you are having a second manuscript critiqued rather than a revision, we will follow the format outlined in Zoom Session 2 or a combination of the descriptions in Zoom Sessions 2 and 3.)


Availability: Please email to check on availability.


Coaching Cycle Cost: $800.00*

NOTES: (1) If your manuscript exceeds the word length described in the CRITIQUE section, $20 will be added for each page or portion of page over that count. (2) The Coaching Cycle fee is due before beginning the cycle.


*This is a $150.00 discount from scheduling the components of the Coaching Cycle individually.



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