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“Proudly progressive and unabashedly direct . . . the book feels timely. It’s a tribute to the potent rhythm of Sanders’s text and exuberant cut-paper images by Schorr (Better Together) that the litany never grows wearying—in fact, the book relays useful, action-based suggestions as it moves along.”

— Publisher's Weekly



By Rob Sanders

Illustrated by Jared Schorr

ISBN-10: 1534429433

ISBN-13: 978-1534429437


A primer for peaceful protest, resistance, and activism. 

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Protesting. Standing up for what’s right. Uniting around the common good—kids have questions about all these things they see and hear about each day. Through sparse and lyrical writing, Rob Sanders introduces abstract concepts like “fighting for what you believe in” and turns them into something actionable. Jared Schorr’s bold, bright illustrations bring the resistance to life making it clear that one person can make a difference. And together, we can accomplish anything.


Peaceful Fights for Equal Rights: An Educator's Guide

This educator’s guide features seven CCSS-based teaching activities with discussion questions, activity directions, and reproducibles. HERE


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