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★ “Brief text and dialogue emphasized by dramatic use of white space, color, and perspective enhance the graphic design and the simple cartoon expressions of both Ball and Balloon. Characters speak with a child’s voice as Ball’s growing awareness of his own special abilities reveals to him that his joy is inside him, and life as a ball is just fine. VERDICT A soaring suggested first purchase for all libraries.”

School Library Journal, Starred Review

Wordplay abounds in this otherwise minimal story (in both text and art) of envy and competition, empathy and acceptance . . . The pun-laden text is often delivered through succinct poetic phrases and succeeds in reinforcing the story’s empathetic underpinnings . . . this picture book is a ball.

The Horn Book



By Rob Sanders

Illustrated by Helen Yoon

ISBN-10: 1534425624

ISBN-13: 978-1534425620


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A ball must learn to deal with his envy when a floating balloon has him feeling down in this simple and relatable story that reminds little ones that being different is what makes you special.

Balloon can soar, he can fly, he can dip, duck, and hover—all on his own.

Balloon is full of gas. He knows it, too. It makes Ball feel grounded by gravity.

Balloon is super special. What if Ball is not so special?

Turns out Ball’s got some moves of his own.


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